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8er de rug...


Een mens zit steevast vol met vragen... Dolende zielen die van het kastje naar de muur worden gestuurd. Deze kalender kan uw zoektocht drastisch inkorten...

drums & co


13 maart :Cotton Belly's

inkom: 12 Euro
vanaf 17h00 (deuren open om 16h30)
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Cotton Belly's is more than just blues...

These guys came from different music styles and are currently rocking the blues boat as no one else does. Playing a music rooted in the past, they summon it on stage with today's vibe to make it groove.

Some freshness seeds on the roots of blues is all it takes to make that « Cotton Belly's » tree to blossom.

Between a soul voice and some folk's tones, it feels like harvest time whenever the band starts playing. Restlessly laboring the fields of rock and reggae to finally harvest new « Cotton Bellies », as you can hear in their music-press welcomed last opus : «GIVEN».

Their concerts bring happiness ; as soon as « the little fellows of cotton » start playing, a great vibe radiates from the audience, thrilling to the sound of guitar and a gut-wrenching harmonica play.

Rewarded by 5 « Révélation Scène » prizes ( at « Europa Jazz », « Rendez-vous de l'Erdre » and « Blues sur seine » ), they also shared the stage with Asaf Avidan, La Rue Ketanou, Birdy Nam Nam, The Wailers, and are still bringing their music with them, wherever they may go


Yann Malek: voice, harp, acoustic guitar, lapsteel

Christophe Etienne: bass guitar

Jérôme Perraut: electric guitar (lead)

Alexandre Charroy: drums






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